Is Your Business Prepared for the Post ChatGPT Era?

Get An AI Strategy that gets you Explosive Growth & Let’s you stay Ahead of your Competitors.

Generative AI is your transformative gateway to significant cost savings, unparalleled company efficiency, and astronomical growth. Embrace it today or risk fading into irrelevance.

Our AI Auditing Expertise

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The FastTrack Audit

Get Results in Weeks not Months
From the get go we plan for immediate results to showcase the AI potential for your business, we then dive into more complex long term strategies.
Operational Supremacy

Operational Supremacy

20-50% Cost Reduction with AI enabled company Ops
Automate tasks, save time. Unlock operational supremacy. Streamline work, embrace efficiency. Let AI handle the repetitive. Focus on strategy, maximize productivity effortlessly. Achieve operational excellence with AI.
AI Enabled Employees

AI Enabled Employees

Empower your team with AI superpowers
Get your team ready for the generative AI world, AI processes do not automate 100% of everything, you need human experts that have the right tools and skills to manage smart processes and maintain them. We get your team AI Ready.
AI Driven Market

AI-Driven Market Assessment

Stay Ahead from your competition with AI Enabled Market Strategy
Wondering how AI can revolutionize your industry and business ? Our AI-Driven Market Potential Assessment provides an in-depth analysis of how AI can be leveraged to drive innovation and create new business opportunities.
Ongoing AI Strategic

Ongoing AI Strategic Partners

Maintain your AI Advantage for the long haul
AI Strategy is more of a relationship than a one time thing, the field is evolving at an astronomical pace and in order to continue to stay ahead, businesses need to adapt continuously, that is why we empower our client’s businesses by maintaining the AI Strategic support.

Ready to Elevate Your AI Strategy? Our Specialized AI Audit Services Provide the Insights You Need to Refine, Optimize, and Dominate the AI Landscape. Don't Wait, Act Now!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your business with AI. Schedule your costless discovery call today and let’s explore how Bleed AI can empower your organization to thrive in the age of Artificial Intelligence.

Discover Our FastTrack Audit Process

Our deeply refined FastTrack Audit methodology enables us to provide you with immediate value in weeks not months.
Step 1:  Initial Consultation

Step 1: Initial Consultation

Our AI audit services begin with an insightful initial consultation, where we thoroughly analyze your needs, objectives, and existing AI infrastructure to lay the foundation for a comprehensive assessment.
Step 2: Quick Discovery

Step 2: Quick Discovery

Through our expedited discovery process, we swiftly identify critical areas within your business. Our meticulous analysis helps us uncover potential growth opportunities for your business optimization.
Step 3: FastTrack Solution

Step 3: FastTrack Solution

With our FastTrack Solution, we offer a streamlined and efficient approach to address the identified challenges. Leveraging our expertise and industry best practices, we deliver customized solutions that accelerate your AI implementation and maximize its impact.
Step 4: Elaborate Strategy & Implementation

Step 4: Elaborate Strategy & Implementation

Our AI audit services encompass the development of an elaborate strategy tailored to your organization's unique requirements. We meticulously plan and execute the implementation process, ensuring seamless integration of AI technologies and practices into your existing systems.
Step 5: Continuous Support & Success

Step 5: Continuous Support & Success

Beyond the initial audit and implementation, we provide ongoing support to ensure your AI systems continue to thrive. Our dedicated team is committed to your success, offering continuous monitoring, updates, and assistance to keep your AI infrastructure optimized and aligned with your business goals.

Why Choose Us?

Experienced AI experts

Experts in AI with years of experience in evaluating and enhancing AI systems make up our team.

Advanced tools and techniques

We deliver precise and dependable AI audit services by utilizing innovative technologies and approaches.

Customized solutions

Solutions that are specifically tailored to your organization's needs and requirements are offered by us.

Comprehensive services

Our AI audit services take into account the data quality, security, and compliance of AI systems.


Customer Testimonials

Alexander Hayes TechVantage Solutions

Working with this team was an absolute pleasure. Their professionalism, expertise, and exceptional guidance made the project enjoyable and stress-free.

Christopher Evans CodeGenius Technologies

Very talented and responsible team. They have good expertise on AI dev that can help you solve a wide range of ML/AI related problems and deliver on time

Michael Rodriguez ByteWave Innovations

Excellent all round work - great skill, problem solving, quality, communication, timely delivery. Highly recommended.

William Thompson DataTech Solutions

Very satisfied with the professionalism during the process, and very happy with the delivery. The task was successfully executed and I received detailed feedback on the methods and solutions they had, together with a seamless handover of the finished project.

Samuel Demers CEO Gotologic

I worked with Taha and his colleague Momin to develop a hand tracking demo using Unity. They were professional and collaborative. I am pleased with the results and will work with them again in the near future.

Sardar N Khan Cloud Launch Ltd

We had a great time working with Bleed AI, they were awesome in all respects of handling our problem. They understood the problem and implemented the appropriate solution properly, fixed bugs, and made improvements as desired. Highly recommended.

David Borch-Kongshaug CEO Tap Tap Stories

Bleed AI are absolute pros at what they do. They are also very professional and their approach and documentation makes it a very pleasant experience to partner with them.